Good idea, hard work pays off for The Industree

THEY say that you can meet people from all walks of life with great stories to tell at the markets.

Somar Xavier and his wife Kristy are a great example of that, proving that hard work and dedication can make a real difference.

They are now known for The Industree - an endeavour that came about when Somar and Kristy found themselves out of work in 2006 but with a strong background in importing and retail.

When asked about the interesting name, Somar said "the Indus” because they began importing clothing and home furnishings from India and "tree” because it was a new beginning and the growth of a livelihood that they had created for themselves.

"We invested everything we had, financially and emotionally, into creating a unique retail experience - firstly at Eumundi Markets and later in a petite retail space in Maleny, which we are proud to have evolved successfully over the last 10 years, before we began trading at the Caloundra Street Fair two years ago,” Somar said.

"We hand-pick unique clothing, home furnishings, fabrics, handicrafts and gift wares in India, but we always ensure that all of our products are made ethically.

"It is important for us in this climate that we use only natural fibres such as cotton, rayon and silk in our clothing range.”

Through The Industree, Somar and Kristy enthusiastically support the traditional textile traditions and printing methods of India such as hand block printing in natural and vegetable dyes such as indigo.

This has been something that customers have shown they like, with The Industree's most popular line at the markets being the hand block-printed tablecloths in 100% cotton.

Not only have the tablecloths proven popular - especially during a time of great celebration, but the outfits have, too, as they are designed specially for the warmer coastal weather.

"For us it is simple: our greatest inspiration is that we love the detail, precision and timeless elegance of hand block printing as a traditional textile art form,” Somar said.

"We promote the continuation of this tradition in India by buying the products, thereby ensuring the continuation of these skills, keeping the artisans employed and we take great pleasure in our customers' satisfaction when they purchase an item from our beautiful range.

"It is clear that our products are unique, beautiful, timeless and offer value for money and appeal to a broad market.

"Personally, I also love the social aspect of the markets because we feel like a family.

"We look out for each other.

"I love the open space the market offers, the feel good vibe of the coastal strip where tourists and locals both feel at home.

"Here locals and visitors alike see firsthand the variety and quality of locally made and imported products and the pride we take in the presentation of our stalls.”

When buying from The Industree, customers will receive a recycled newspaper carry bag and Somar encourages everyone to visit their not-for-profit initiative called Paper Bag Project at

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Good idea, hard work pays off for The Industree